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Chakra Tuning - The Value Of Doing It And Keeping A Healthy Balance

Chakra Tuning - The Value Of Doing It And Keeping A Healthy Balance
By Expert Author: Amanda Isbitt

Chakras give our bodies the needed spiritual energy to help deal with daily anxiety. Chakra tuning gives you a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. The value of doing it is in keeping a healthy balance in your life.

What are Chakras:

Chakra is a word from India that means vortex or wheel. It refers to each of the seven energy centers of our conscious mind. Chakras function as values, opening and closing, in response to everyday decisions we make dealing with the many conditions we face in our lives.

Think of Chakras as aspects of consciousness such as auras that are not physical like our bodies. They interact with our body through the endocrine and nervous systems. Each chakra is associated with particular parts of our human anatomy.

When the chakras are centered, they give your mind and body increased focus and energy. Proper alignment aids the body and mind to act in unison. This relaxes us and we become more peaceful.

Why tune chakras:

Everything you need to self-tune your chakras, you already possess inside. You do not require any special equipment or membership fee. You tune chakras to find balance and re-energize yourself, which is the key to excellent health.

Think of Chakras as vibrations that respond to both color and sound. By visualizing the colors and tones of each chakra, you can restore your chakras to their original brilliance and vitality. Therapeutic chakra music vibrates your seven Chakras into perfect balance. This balances mind and spirit in an entire body of healing, meditative state, and relaxation.

The Tones of Seven Chakras

Seventh: Crown Chakra- supports clarity of spirit and cheerfulness

Sixth: Brow Chakra- brings balance between intuition and intellect

Fifth: Throat Chakra- encourages intelligent communication

Fourth: Heart Chakra- for relaxing, balancing, soothing

Third: Solar Plexus Chakra- advances the feeling of centering the magic

Second: Navel Chakra- aids the flow of erotic communication

First: Root Chakra- provides dynamic revitalizing

How chakra tuning affects the way you feel:

Here are steps to one popular method of tuning chakras:

* Start with very fast, deep breathing followed by total silence. This awakens your body and gets the energy flowing.

* Act out your frustrations playfully to relieve stressful situations.

* Jump up and shout to release all your stored up energy.

* Stop and freeze until your breathing is under control. This helps center you so that your body is both still and energized.

* Rejoice. This reminds you how wonderful it is to be alive!

Another simple technique to align your chakras is to sit in a straight back comfortable position such as sitting Indian-style. For around twenty minutes repeat a personal mantra aloud or to yourself. This imprints direction into the subconscious and gives you the strength to achieve your goals.

These are only a couple of techniques that are helpful for chakra tuning. You can also use meditation music to help you with your breathing exercises. During meditation, it is important you focus on centering yourself without rushing. Give your body time to naturally tune itself. You may also enjoy doing these relaxing workouts with a partner.

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