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What Are Your Intentions of a Decision?

What Are Your Intentions of a Decision?
By Expert Author: Ng Chee Teng

Recently, a theme keeps coming back to me: What are Your Intentions?

Many metaphysics teachers have taught that there is nothing right or wrong to our higher selves. Our souls crave for all experiences and there is no judgement in whatever decisions we make. For example, a friend recently asked me which job offer he should take up. I asked him to feel which job he is more inclined to take up. Which one feels better to him. But the point here is, no matter which job he takes up in the end, it is just a different kind of experience. If he becomes a salesman, he will experience a life that requires him to travel quite a bit, meeting many people. If he takes up a desk-bound job, then his life will probably revolve around the office and getting to know his colleagues much better. One could be less desirable but nonetheless still an experience for the soul. No experience is wasted. You could even say that a "bad" choice helps you make a better one next time and that seemingly "bad" choice is useful too.

You could even say that a "bad" choice helps you make a better one next time and that seemingly "bad" choice is useful too.

As human beings, one of the greatest gifts given to us is probably our free will. Yet, with this great gift comes great responsibility. We are "forced" to make decisions at all times. Important or trivial. Should I get married or break up? Do I accept the invitation to go to a party or do I stay at home for the weekend? Do I stand up and move somewhere or do I continue to sit on the chair? Even the choice to do nothing is still a decision. Besides, if you do not want to make a decision, you simply made a decision to follow others. That is still a choice by itself. We are all learning to be Creator-Gods and if one can imagine, how many choices a God needs to make.

Since we have to make decisions all the time, how then do we make one? Is there a guide or method to help us make decisions? Personally, I feel that it is all about our intentions behind the decision that matters.

Take this magazine for example. When Maitreya suggested through Margaret McElroy for us to create an online magazine, why did Lee and I decide to go ahead and do it? What is our intention? Is it because we are afraid that we will be reprimanded by "higher forces" in the spiritual realm if we do not follow instructions? Is it because we are worried that our souls will regret not doing it when we review our lives? Is it because we want to save the world? Is it because we thought we found the answer to life and we want to impose this on others? The answer is no. I cannot speak for Lee here but my personal intention is simply to spread the love and empower people to become the person she or he wants to be by lighting up their paths and showing them their options. We put up content that we enjoy ourselves and that which feels right and then we publish and share them with you so that you can then decide for yourself what is good for you.

That is my intention and I feel strongly that Lee shares the same thinking. Most people on conscious spiritual paths, I believe, will come to a point when they realise that they get their joy by being of service to others. It is a bit of a cliche to say this, but since we are all aspects of the One, we are really serving ourselves in the end.

Hence, I would like to share this with you. Think about your intentions the next time you have to make a choice (which is actually all the time). What is your intention?

Think about your romantic relationships. Before you make the phone call to your partner, ask yourself what is your intention? Are you just calling to find out where he is because you do not trust him? Or are you calling just to show that you think of him? To let him know that he is loved and thought of.

Think about saying something to someone. The person may not like what you say, so should you just keep your mouth shut? What is your intention here? Are you trying to impose your truths on others? Do you feel strongly that the other person should follow your idea or your way? Or are you simply trying to speak your own truth and give your own opinion in a quiet and gentle manner without any attachment to how the other person will use it?

Because if you have made the decisions with the intentions in alignment with your higher self, then you are much less likely to regret making the choice and it will usually (if not always) feel good.

Think about shopping. What is your intention? Do you really need that beautiful dress or shoe? You are already pretty if you make up your mind that you are. Not that owning a beautiful dress is "wrong", but what is your intention here. I would say buy it if you feel you are deserving and worthy. Or are you buying it because you are bored and getting a new dress seems like a good distraction? Do you really need that latest electronic gadget with those amazing features? Perhaps it will make your work more productive. Or is it because the gadget makes you feel better about yourself because the others don't have it yet.

Think about tithing. If you give because you want to help the organisation in its humanitarian projects or keep the financial energy flowing in your life, then do it. But if your intention is to bribe God or keep God happy or to avoid hell or because everyone else is doing it, then you ought to rethink about it.

Think about that holiday trip you are not so sure of going. What is your intention? Do you badly need a break to rejuvenate yourself? Do you need some time off your usual routine and do something that excites you and for yourself? If you choose not to make the trip, why? Is it because you are not so sure if the money is worth spending? What makes you think that you may have the time later when the money is there?

These are just some scenarios and there is really no right or wrong in any decisions. Neither am I suggesting that it is easy to make choices. I am suggesting that it is all about your intentions that matter. Why? Because if you have made the decisions with the intentions in alignment with your higher self, then you are much less likely to regret making the choice and it will usually (if not always) feel good. I also have a deep feeling that the universe, your soul and helpers will go all out to support you in your choices when the intention is in line with the desires of your soul. Your soul knows that it is divine, it is worthy and perfect as it is.

Well, I know that we would not regret creating this magazine. How about you in your choices?

What are your intentions?

Be joyous!

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