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Developing Presence and Poise

Developing Presence and Poise
By Expert Author: Sharon Eiffel

Developing presence and poise should be everyone’s aim. Who would not want to have that inner sense of calm, to have that inner flame that never flickers regardless of circumstance?

Developing presence and poise does not come naturally to most of us. As the article title suggests, presence and poise must be developed. It is something which must be deliberately intended, practiced and applied. It comes with experience and continuous development. Like everything else, we must learn it and commit to it. Given the society we live in, it is hard to remain undisturbed, but not impossible. When we surely have the willingness to develop presence and poise then we can do it.

Before delving deep into the subject of developing presence and poise, it is worth defining by what we mean by poise and presence. Poise is essentially the ability to remain under control of our emotions, our behaviour regardless of circumstances. Things might happen to us, but if we are poised, then we will remain undisturbed. In other words, we have a degree of invincibility and how we behave or feel is by no means determined by what is happening externally. A person who is poised totally relies on their internal state for guidance.

Presence is also very interrelated to poise. In fact, the two are almost inseparable, hence developing poise is closely associated to developing presence. Presence is the ability to remain centred in the now. You forget the past, forget the future and just be here and now. Being in the moment. Poise cannot be attained when your mind wonders about the past and the future. Poise can only be attained when your thoughts remain in the present.

How does one get to developing presence and poise you might ask? Well there are number of ways in which one can attain presence and poise. From physical exercises to meditation, developing poise and presence can be reached by incorporating a variety of practices. Inspirational books, inspirational poems, inspirational videos and inspirational authors like Ralph Waldo Emerson can all help you on your way to developing presence and poise.

Among the many benefits of developing presence and poise, the most obvious ones are:

1. Stress relief

2. Thought control - I mention in many of my articles how the power of thought creates our reality, thus there is a lot to be gained when we control where we focus our thinking.

3. Correct and clear judgement- when our state of mind is steady, the outcome is clear thinking and erroneous judgement is minimised.

4. Source of inspiration-when you remain calm under pressure, or under chaos you inspire those around you. In other words you become the source of strength. Your own strength becomes infectious! Nothing could be more encouraging to developing presence and poise than knowing that in doing so you also lift others with you.

5. Excellent peak performance-An individually who is mentally poised can certainly outdo an erratic thinker because their actions are well thought out.

6. Overall wellbeing- When we are poised things go smoothly. Even within our bodies, there is a degree of coherence and well being. If things have not been going too well, the power of poise can reverse this. So many have been cured of diseases such as cancer, by simply dropping out of the fast paced life and finding inner peace.

So there you have it; there are so many reasons for developing presence and poise, so many ways of doing it!

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