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Youth Retreat Spiritual Icebreakers

Youth Retreat Spiritual Icebreakers
By Expert Author: Sharon Eiffel

Break the ice and throw in spiritual icebreakers! Have you ever been to spiritual retreats where all you can feel is tired and bored; everyone present is as cold and solid as ice? In times like this, the retreat leader should introduce spiritual icebreakers to break the icy boredom and individuality, then, introduce the warmth of teamwork and friendship. The youth spiritual gifts test or other interesting spiritual icebreakers can be used for this purpose.

One of my favorite out of many spiritual icebreakers is the Noah’s ark game, in this case everyone comes out in the dark with each person making a sound of one animal in Noah’s ark, from these sounds each person is asked to locate his or her partner. Games like this make spiritual retreats much fun for all.

The youth spiritual gifts test is a very important icebreaker for youth spiritual retreats, as it will not only break the boredom, but also positively engage youths to understand their gifts and calling in God. The major aim of spiritual icebreakers should be to teach a spiritual truth with a fun activity, this is unlike other icebreakers that only physically engage the individual without passing across a divine truth.

Youth spiritual retreats should always have youth spiritual gifts test, so that at the end of the retreat, every one that attended will leave with the awareness of their gifts and calling in God, so that they can impact the world out there positively. The retreat trainer or leader should prepare a questionnaire known as the youth spiritual gifts test; the participants are to answer the questions. Each response should be a number between 1 to 10, stating the number that describes them most as 10, and the one that least describes them as 1.

At the end of the youth spiritual gifts test, the numbers are summarized and categorized into the different gifts in the body of Christ, hence the gifts of each individual is specified. There are other spiritual icebreakers involving the answering of questions, and these questions can be spiritual or even personal, so that camp members will get to know more about each other and loosen the atmosphere a bit. You can be innovative of course with spiritual icebreakers and create your own!

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