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Telepathy - What Is It And Why It Lies Dormant

Telepathy - What Is It And Why It Lies Dormant
By Expert Author: Amanda Isbitt

Many people have heard about telepathy but few know that everyone has the ability to take advantage of such a gift. A person who is able to transmit and read messages or thoughts without any use of words is said to have a telepathic skill. To some people, this ability comes naturally. To others it is something that has to be worked out, as their skill lies dormant for a long time. This simple communication action between minds may seem to be impossible but it has already been proven possible.

Dolphins are known to have telepathic abilities, as this is how they communicate to one another. It is amazing to see how such gentle water creatures are able to get messages and directions across to one another simply by using their thoughts. It is so amazing that these creatures have even been known to guide ships to their destinations.

They also feel human compassion and interest and are the first to introduce themselves to humans. Even though humans may not be able to recognize the thoughts and feelings of dolphins, many have said to feel differently after direct contact with them. It may be due to the fact that dolphins are trying to communicate thoughts and feelings through telepathy and the humans are in fact picking up on it to some degree.

Some people wonder just what good is able to come from having such a gift. Being able to send or receive important or urgent messages, of course, has its benefits but what else? Being able to tap into what people really think and feel about you is a great way to make sure that you are acting accordingly. There is no reason to not take advantage of such a skill, as it is one that is natural for humans and animals as well. Even if it is something that took you a little bit of time to adjust to and to perfect, it does not mean that it is any less natural.

The more time goes on that you do not take advantage of the telepathy skill that you have, the harder it may be to adjust to it. Stay focused and do not give up, as you will eventually have it. Read all of the books you can and check out a great program that is able to help you understand your natural born gifts and how to use them. With that additional help, you should have no problem making use of your telepathy gift.

So whether you want to use telepathy for practical reasons or just simply so that you can have access to a gift you were born with, it is important to keep practicing. Learn the skill but do not leave it there. Make sure that you are staying in practice, as that is the only way to completely perfect the skill and to make sure that you do not lose it. After enough time passes on and you have mastered the skill of telepathy you may be able to help others reach their goals of learning the skill.

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