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Use Your Mind To Uncover The Mysteries Of Mental Law

Use Your Mind To Uncover The Mysteries Of Mental Law
By Expert Author: Donald Yates

Life is a mystery
And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all [these] things are done in parables:

Laws of physics which dominate the real world are a mystery to most people. Many unseen actions take place around us every second yet they are accepted without any consideration or reflection as they operate within our experience. These are the unexplained phenomenon’s of life in which we take no notice. A leaf moves as an unseen breeze passes, a lamp lights as unseen electricity flows through it and the world is illuminated and warmed by a sun that is always ready to provide light and heat.

Things perceived are things conceived
While there are many things perceived to be mysterious to the mind, there is nothing mysteries in revelations of truth but undiscovered even truth becomes a mystery. Only when truth is illuminated and understood, does it become a guiding light to the soul. Truths understood, are the building blocks upon which all of humanity stands.

Who uncovers the validly in truth but people of vision, mystics, philosophers, people who dare to seek out and dispel the laden mysteries of darkness. Even in this modern world, our civilization continues on the discoveries of great visionaries. They envisioned the future, taught Spiritual Revaluations and Laws of truth that continue to govern mankind and the Universe.

A Universal Law revealed
These same great people revealed a Universal Law that flowed from the Heavens and affected all of mankind. Who were these men of old who first realized that Spirit Alone was their teacher and they were without question, instructed by God? Only Spirit could have reviled such great tidings as such taught to these men. What part of their mentality could arrived at such profound conclusions and not conclude God alone governs all?

In later times, great religious leaders revealed to civilization their degree of spiritual visions as they caught passing glimpses into an Ultimate Reality. No doubt, their wisdom must have come from Spirit for no living soul could have revealed to them what they knew and quite possibility, even they themselves didn’t realize why they knew.

It is all for the pleasure of God
And God having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself subjects us to His purpose. We are not only subjects of the laws of God we are, transpiring law. Because mankind has dominance over all things on earth we, impose law onto nature.

Turning toward nature
In this setting, mankind has turned toward nature and compelled it to surrender its forces and powers. As mankind discovered and harnessed such laws as electric energy he devised huge turbines to catch and control the power in water, steam and wind to drive them. He extracted petrol from the earth to power automobiles to make life easer, in the end mankind made nature obey his will and forgot from where it came. Man never invented, he discovered the force in machines that would do his labor and he drove them to built long ribbons of highway for accommodating his automobile. As mankind plunges forward, constructing miraculous civilizations he also discovers destructive forces in nature for which he manipulates so he may force his will upon others. But in all of man’s grandeur, in all his accomplishments, he has not been able to conquered his own soul. He has become blinded and in his darkened state he has lost his way and now he revels in his own misconception of the meaning of life.

Even as mankind searches for satisfaction through material objects of his own self-interested he exposes spiritual relevance in his experience. He also reveals many timeless truths that reveals in us a Supreme truth and Living Presence in which we cannot deny.

The significance of life
For many people the search for extracting an importance from Life is based on suspicions and misconceptions that fear controls the inner man. The fact is, every philosophy, religion and individual belief embraces a truth that fear is no more than a misconception and has no basis in reality. Fear is a warning of pending possibilities not a reasoning for avoidance. It is in hope that fear diminishes in the presence of possibilities and opportunities. The mind grasps hope as its foundation for being; hope in the unseen things of the future and its possibilities of discovery.

True men of vision reach beyond human thought to sense the true purpose of God. One might ask, "How do we know if God has a purpose for us?" Consistency in confession reveals that over the years prophets have detected and taught the same truths. The uniformity in these revelations has brought a since of knowing when truth prevails.

Is there only one Truth
It is true that all revelations result in an awareness that there is but one ultimate reality. Could this Ultimate Reality be here now? If only we could detect it, through our limited senses. But alas we can not. The creator of the Universe chooses to be obscure in order to invoke faith in mankind. But wait, if I could only see, talk to, hear God I would truly believe. Ahaa, with exposure there would be no faith for it is faith that drives man to seek answers.

Do not follow evil
Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God. And so it goes, one must believe in and seek God before experiencing His presence. Evil is mans due and has no place in the presence of God. Those who believe in a God who consciously works in and through man, surrenders to His omnipresence.

They understand that the Kingdom of God is their condition and they are engulfed in His being as a fish is in water; it only needs to be recognized. As the Spirit of God is within so is the soul of man.

Happy Trails

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