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What Happens To Suicide Cases After Death?

What Happens To Suicide Cases After Death?
By Expert Author: Sean M. Clarke

Is it a single place or are there a variety of places? If so, what are the factors that decide where a particular person will go to after death? In this article, we present the answer to the question on what happens to suicide cases after death. The answer is obtained through spiritual research done by seekers of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) with highly developed sixth sense (ESP).

The places a person may go after death

When a person dies the physical body ceases to exist. However, the rest of his existence or consciousness continues. The person minus the physical body is known as the subtle body and it comprises of the mental, causal (intellect) and supracausal bodies (subtle ego).

The various planes of existence

There are 14 main planes of existence in the Universe. Seven of them are positive planes and seven are negative planes. The seven negative regions are commonly known as Hell. There are numerous sub-planes within these main planes of existence.
The human subtle body after death goes to one of the 13 planes of existence other than the Earth plane.

What happens to suicide cases after death?

There are two types of death with regards to its timing.
• Destined final death: This is the time of death no one can escape.

• Possible death: This is where a person can possibly die. Each person may undergo a possible death wherein one comes close to death but is saved due to his or her merits. In cases where a person is going through insurmountable crisis in his life or has severe personality disorders, he may think, in depression, of committing suicide. Ghosts (demons, devils, spirits, etc.) also fuel the depression of a suicidal person and sometimes are instrumental in pushing a person over the edge into committing suicide. However, suicide remains a willful act that happens when a person is going through a possible death phase as per their destiny.

The gift of life on the Earth plane is precious and is given to us primarily for spiritual growth. By committing suicide, we squander away this opportunity and become eligible for punishment. The consequences are that a person committing suicide goes to the Narak part of the 7th region of Hell for a period of 60,000 Earth years. It is a place that is without any light; something like solitary confinement in a prison. The extent of punishment/pain to be endured in the various regions of Hell regions and their associated Narak goes on increasing with the subsequent region of Hell. Also, the period of punishment to be endured in each Narak is in excess compared to the corresponding region of Hell. If we consider the punishment in first region of Hell as 100%, then the punishment in the corresponding first Narak region is 50% more, i.e. 150%. As there is nobody in that Narak region to advise about spiritual practice, the subtle body in this region remains in the darkness of spiritual ignorance.


• Committing suicide is a grave sin and punishment is extremely severe so it is advisable to realise the value of human birth and undertake spiritual practice.

• Once we go to the lower regions such as the Nether region or Hell, we stay there and experience severe unhappiness for centuries until we completely pay for our sins by suffering the intense punishments meted there and get a chance to be reborn on Earth.

• To do consistent spiritual practice on the Earth plane according to the 5 basic laws of spiritual practice is like swimming against the tide in the current era. However, it is also a guaranteed way of advancing to higher realms of existence after physical death.

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