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What Determines the Time of our Death?

What Determines the Time of our Death?
By Expert Author: Sean M. Clarke

Period of death in a person’s life

Type of death according to time can be divided as:

* Probable death (Apamrutyuyoga)

* Death (Mrutyuyoga)

* Definite death (Mahamrutyuyoga)

The probability of preventing Probable death is 70-100%. The probability of preventing Death is 30-70%. There is not chance to prevent definite death.

Probable death generally occurs in a person’s life only once and the time period lasts for 2 weeks. Death also occurs once and it lasts for 1 week. Definite death occurs only once in a persons’ life and it’s time is decided upto final second.

Ghosts and people can influence probable death and death but they cannot influence definite death.

Probable death can be avoided by doing certain rituals as prescribed by scriptures. Death can be avoided by doing spiritual practice as per six basic principles. Definite death cannot be avoided.

The following factors influence whether a person can die during his/her pre-destined ‘probable death’ (apamrutyuyoga) or the ‘death’ (mrutyuyoga) time period

Give-and-take account: The amount of give-and-take account pending with people on Earth that can be settled if the person does not die. The give-and-take account that is remaining in a person’s destiny for their current life is also an important factor that decides whether they die before ‘definite death’ stage.

Departed ancestors and ghosts: Influence of departed ancestors and ghosts sometimes may bring about early death. Read about why our departed ancestors can create problems in our lives.

Spiritual practice: The type and intensity of spiritual practice helps to let a person avoid early death i.e. before mahaamrutyuyoga.
When the stage of definite death (mahaamrutyuyoga) arrives, it means that a person has completed his/her destiny for the current lifetime on the Earth plane of existence.

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