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What Causes Dreams?

What Causes Dreams?
By Expert Author: Michael McGrath

The query what causes dreams is often asked but hardly ever properly answered. There are several scientifically based and metaphysical theories as to what causes dreams. However, no-one really knows why it happens!

Neither do we know what causes dreams to be pleasant or frightening.

Some scientists believe nightmares are a way of dealing with internal worrisome thoughts and feelings or deep-seated fears. What causes these dreams to become nightmarish is the need to release everyday pressures.

Sigmund Freud believed that what causes dreams were repressed or suppressed wants and desires which are normally consciously hidden due to their forbidden nature.

Freud believed that what causes dreams were these unexpressed wants which took symbolic form in dreams in order that a human being could experience them in a safe environment.

Other, metaphysical, views of what causes dreams propose that what is being dreamed about is the opposite of what is happening in the life of the dreamer.

Different countries and cultures throughout the centuries have often believed different things about what causes dreams. For example, Aborigines, differ in their views in that believe that dreams are reality and when they are awake they are experiencing an illusion.

So the query what causes dreams is a difficult question to answer.

Dreams occur when someone goes into a state of unconscious mental activity that is accompanied by theta brainwaves. While the body is relaxed the mind is very active at an unconscious level and that can be seen by identifying REM - Rapid Eye Movement.

So really what causes dreams?

Basically dreams are our emotions and thoughts expressed in sleep. These internal concepts can be related and seamless or seem totally unrelated. They can show structure or show chaos. Outside stimuli can affect a dreamer to such an extent that he/she will incorporate what is happening into the dream itself. Things that occurred during the day can also be what cause dreams to be a certain way.

What causes dreams is not as important as making sure you have them. We may not really know what causes dreams but we do know that dreaming is extremely important to our well-being. Sleep deprivation, (and thus a lack of dreaming), leads to symptoms of insanity.

If you hold the Freudian view of what causes dreams then you can work out the meaning behind them with a dream analysis book.

Some people are able to become conscious in their dreams. They can experience them as though they were occurring in real life. They alter the dream world to suit themselves in anyway they choose. Much research shows that anybody can learn to do it!

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