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Christ Consciousness Is A Spiritual Knowing And Evolutionary Development

Christ Consciousness Is A Spiritual Knowing And Evolutionary Development
By Expert Author: Amanda Isbitt

Many people have heard of the "Christ Consciousness", but don't know exactly what that phrase means.

Christians, of course, insist that there has only been one person in all of history who had the Christ Consciousness--a Jewish carpenter or stone mason named Jesus ben Joseph, son of Mary, who lived and died in the first century C.E. and who, as it turned out, was really God Himself. Yet, those who are more aware of or open to ideas of deeper spiritual knowing and evolutionary developments available to all people understand that the Christ Consciousness was not exclusive to one man in all of history, and he didn't even create it--it was there before him. Few of these people doubt that Jesus certainly did capture and embody this Consciousness; but again, the dispute is over his being like Tigger; that is, "the only one".

As a matter of fact, the earlier and more mystical Christian traditions seem to indicate that even they acknowledge that more people than just Jesus ben Joseph of Galilee can have, and have had, the Christ Consciousness awakened in their being. The original disciples were able to perform miracles in the name of their lord (which simply means their master and teacher). And Jesus is quoted in the Gospels with having said, in so many words, that anyone who believed in what he did could also do the exact same things that he did. And today, there are Christian "Prosperity Teachers" who teach that you can heal yourself and others of afflictions, have all the wealth you desire, and be as powerful as Jesus in every way--except for those parts about "being sinless" and being the "savior of all".

Does it entail never having made a single grave error in your entire life and being everybody else's savior? Those who understand Christ as a level of awareness, not as an individual man from a particular time in history, would say no, it's got nothing to do with that. They would argue that Jesus was not sinless and was not born with the Christ Consciousness, although he probably was what we today would call gifted. They would also argue that he was not born of a woman who had never had sexual intercourse before his birth, and putting on the Christ Consciousness doesn't entail being that, either!

Indeed, the word "Christ" is a Greek word that was around for hundreds, if not thousands, of years before Jesus was ever born. And it means "anointed king" or "anointed one", which makes it very close conceptually to another (Jewish) word often used for Jesus: "messiah". This royal anointing goes all the way back, at least, to ancient dynastic Egypt, where the pharaoh or queen would receive an anointing on their head with an oil made from the fat of the monitor lizard (the "dragon") at the hands of the high priest. This anointing was a ritual way of signifying that the new monarch was the embodiment of the gods on earth.

So, what does the Christ Consciousness mean for us today? It means learning to think on a higher plane than most other humans around you. It means living out such qualities as patience, kindness, honesty, being in love with the truth, being slow to anger, and seeking justice without seeking vengeance. Anyone who takes the courageous conviction of opening themselves to the prospect of Consciousness can learn and cultivate it. It means having our foreheads "anointed" by a more cosmic understanding that comes "down" to us from above--from the vast universe, not just the little blue dot called Earth.

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