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New Age Alteration Of Self And Practicality

New Age Alteration Of Self And Practicality
By Expert Author: Donald Yates

False shadows hide truth
So, you have looked into yourself and found but a shadow of truth hiding behind a false persona. And what are you but a busy, unhinged consciousness with drifting moods and obsessions. Your floundering outward self is prone to whims of feverish changes of interest, filled with apathy, and arguments and irrational impulses. But you hide it well and even a trained psychologist would mistake you for a matured person of stature.

The search for self
In your search for self, you have exposed, buried deep within your inner most sanctuary, a person who is not totally practical and refuses to be satisfied by a busy lifestyle of interacting with normal men. Now your soul is exposed, naked, hungering for a closer relationship with a spiritual presence within a vast and cold Universe. This idea, this longing, is so foreign to your surface consciousness, yet it holds a familiarity which you have entertained throughout your life. You are now faced with your true self whose existence you always took for granted. In the back of your mind you have always known it was there when it surfaced in its scattered expressions. “Art thou but a man as any other man or at thou a spirit drifting in outer-space?”

This climb up the mountain of self-knowledge, said the Victorine mystics, is the necessary prelude to all illumination. Only at its summit do we discover, as Dante did, the beginning of the pathway to Reality.

Is A lonely journey
There is a journey so obscure yet so profound that it is examine by many but understood by few. It is a journey of self examination where man and spirit becomes one in truth It is pursued by few, for it is a lonely and painstaking journey, a strenuous test of courage and strength. In our world, most people prefer to live in darkness, comfortable in their ignorance, safe from inspection. They hide behind their more obvious characteristics which is only a covering of the naked truth. Most people buckle and fail in their attempt to find complete self-knowledge for there are only a privileged few are strong enough to stand up to its reality. Yes, only a few can bear to delve into their inner self and contemplate what they find there. They risk standing face to face with a vision so strange and terrible it challenges sanity and brings awe and remorse in its awakening.

Venture into spirit
The life of those who dare to venture into the spirit are changed for ever for there is a conversion of the deepest and most drastic sense where you are forced into a new reality. Your perception towards yourself becomes a truth of your existence. When you truly knew yourself – a vision appears of your weaknesses, constantly at the mercy of a merciless environment. True motives are exposed, inspected and measured against eternal values. Hidden unknown self-indulgences surface as irrational loves and hates of a life born of compliancy. You must take action now to redefine your total self, and become, perhaps for the first time, a practical being.

Take the challenge
For those who accept the challenge comes a point in time where they realize that they have done all they can in their pursuit and then all once it becomes clear, at last, they have uncovered their own direction. But it is you who seeks and is now in touch with a different, deeper being containing a ceaseless spark of energy. Here your passion becomes energized and becomes the agent of all your links with Reality. You have been told and read about its possibilities and now you meet it with full force and you no longer hesitate because you know for a fact that it is a power beyond comprehension.

My God! what next? What possibilities await a soul stepping from the darkness? How do you go about reinventing yourself? What future do you have? Changes are in store? Adjustments to be made? Most of all, will this self-disclosure involve those around you?

To find inner spirit
You will notice, in time, as you become familiar with your new self, your state of mind is improved, colors are crisper, sounds sharper, and the sweet taste of success is on your tongue. With this new heightened recollection comes a consciousness which unfolds into an attitude which demands that you comply. This new attitude conflicts sharply with the old you and its consciousness and attitude which you have embraced as appropriate in the past. Now this old attitude appears childish, unworthy, and by all definitions, absurd.

Trouble lies ahead
But wait, by taking this first conscious step to become engaged in a new reality you are immediately brought head on into an alarming realization of disharmony so surreal it leaves you with a feeling of uneasiness, and confusion by its certainty. You will never again need anyone to point out a need to seek your inner self or to pursue materialistic things. Now you have only to focus upon the game of life and challenge of success.

There are times when you think you can not endure but the spirit is strong and this new you with its new attitude persists. All the while an internal force becomes stronger and a new power grows. Over and over you slide back to your old self then it becomes obvious, something more than a simple knowing is needed. How are you going to adjust to this new perception of the world? After all this is an old game in which you have played all your life and you have become conditioned into thinking bad habits were normal actions.

Become aware of self.
You must develop an awareness, a newness of certain qualities and perceptions as you leave the old you behind. Now, suddenly you are in a new game which demands a freshness in actions and an alertness different then you have ever experienced. Your thoughts are confused, your mental powers are stubborn and your mind refuses to respond.

You must become unmoved in your fight for spiritual truth because anything less will not suffice as you undertake this drastic metamorphosing of character which is needed to prepare your consciousness for participation in practicality.

Awake to a new self
Rise up, open your eyes to the truth of your inner self. It harbors no habits or desires, nothing but freedom from oppression in spiritual truth. You must awaken now to the fact there is disharmony between the world and your unchangeable spirit buried deep within. Feel your spirit slowly beginning to assert itself in your hours of meditation as it rises up toward the light and truth. You must come to a harmonization of spirit and world so you can declare a peace of mind and freedom of spirit. Defy worldly longings and old instincts that lay on the surface of the outer man because if you don’t there will be no peace and you will experience nothing but conflict throughout your life.

Happy Trails

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