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Top Benefits Of Visualization

Top Benefits Of Visualization
By Expert Author: Kageni Pierce

Creative visualization techniques help intensify clarity and focus to help you bring into your life that which is desirable. This is called deliberate creation.

As one of the most important tenets of the Law of Attraction, positive visualization is simple yet not as easy to implement on a consistent basis.

Some of the benefits of visualization that you will begin to encounter as you make this practice an integral part of your life are:

1. Increased great health

The Law of Mind Action will work in your favor if you fill yourself with images of a happy, healthy self. Surrounding yourself with energetic, vibrant images fills you with that same kind of energy. If you are depressed and unmotivated to exercise, you do not help yourself by filling yourself with gloomy thoughts of how hard it is to exercise. Cut out a picture of a vibrant healthy person that you feel happy to see. Put it where you can see it often throughout the day. Visualize yourself in that manner. Feel it as if already happened. Take one simple action, like going for a walk. Continue to image yourself as that energetic, heathful person. Never relent -- that is the mistake most people make, then say it doesn't work.

2. Money increase

Most people want more money. Whether people want to publicly admit that or not, it seems to be the case anyway, if you are a keen observer of humans. Few people believe they have enough, even though they might pay lip service to that statement. The truth is that your financial abundance is determined your beliefs. There are many people making six figure incomes that are even more broke than those on welfare. Why? Because lack is a state of mind. When you spend more than you have, you are exhibiting a lack mentality. Visualizing yourself financially heatlhy will surprise you how you will start to get incredibly creative to attract more money. Feel the sense of being abundantly blessed.

3. Attract and keep love

One of the greatest benefits of visualization is that you feel a sense of being powerful. You can create what you desire. Many people have wondered if unscrupulous people can use visualization to create evil, for example attract a person that "belongs" to someone else. The fact is, you can. That is, if that other person is not strongly rooted in their relationship. The universe however will give you what your energy level truly matches. There is no fooling around. So if you wanted one thing and got another, examine how you really, truly felt about your desire. Did you have guilt? Worry? Did you secretly dread having that desire come to fruition?

4. Attract your dream man/woman

What does your dream partner look like? It has been said that "we attract who we are". In other words, who we end up with will match our thoughts and our feelings. Sometimes this is tough to swallow, but the same people who complain about it are the same ones who wonder why they are not happy with who they have attracted. Yet the very idea of choosing to remain unconcious does nothing but bring more of the same unwanted results.

Have a clear mental image of your desired partner. Use the different visualization techniques to imprint it in your mind. Always remember, hardly will you attract a partner that does not match up to your vibrational energy of your thoughts and feelings.

5. Get your desired body weight

Writing a movie script of the day you wake up at your desired body weight is a great visualization technique for this one.

6. Attract the right job

Never be stuck doing work that does not inspire you, pay you what you know you are worth, or one that puts unnecessary stress on your body. Remember, stress is a major cause of increased ill health. Therefore, see yourself in your perfect job. There are always people who will enjoy doing what you dislike. So visualize yourself daily in your desired perfect job.

7. Manifest your material desires

For some reason, many people seem ashamed to publicly admit that they desire material stuff. There is nothing wrong with wanting to attract a big beautiful home, if that is what you truly desire. The key thing is to make sure you are free of guilt and judgement. Always remember that material things are a representation of universal abundance. It is up to you to decide when a desired thing does not serve your higher purpose.

8. Behavioral change, such as to stop smoking

You can use a vision board as a visualization tool very effectively to help you stop undesirable behaviour, such as smoking, chewing your nails etc. What seems to work best though is putting up pictures that represent a positive outcome, rather than a "stop doing this" message. For example, a picture of fresh clean environment denoting clean air would be great.

Bottom line, benefits of visualization far outweigh doing nothing. A key thing to remember when visualizing:
Always be aware of how you feel. This is key. It is also the reason many people get frustrated and claim it doesn't work. How you feel will determine your results. If you aren't feeling good (and all the feelings that can be closely associated with good), then find something to visualize that will cause you to feel good.

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