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Just What If... What Then?

Just What If... What Then?
By Expert Author: Theresa Twogood

Just what if everything we knew about the universe and the world around us was completely wrong, what then?

Just what if God wanted our faith to be unparalleled, radically unequaled and unable to be proven or disproved by so-called modern scientific evidence, what then?

Just what if we paused for a moment and asked the question that is on all of our minds, ‘why does science feel it necessary to disprove faith? Faith doesn’t wish to disprove science, what then?

Just what if science was able to prove the religious leaning view of some sort of ‘connectivity’ between humans? In other words, we humans are more connected to each other than we are separate, what then?

Just what if we were so bold and unscientific as to offer our reason and proof of the truth of ‘connectivity’ by illuminating the fact that whenever humans attempt to hurt another, they most times end up hurting themselves more, what then?

Just what if we all were granted a ‘God’s view’ or a ‘moment of clarity’ and we all came to the understanding that everything we do and/or will do while in this life was just a series of trials and tests to mold and prepare us for the next world, what then?

Just what if for a moment God stopped time and revealed Himself plainly to us and said, ‘I don’t care if you continue to blame Me for all of this mess. You may continue if you wish, however, understand that it won’t help get you to where you want to be’. If so, what then?

Just what if we could ask God just one question that He would answer plainly to us; could God answer it easily by saying, you didn’t receive because you didn’t ask or you didn’t ask right’, if so what then?

Just what if all the small details didn’t matter one way or the other to God; what if He only wanted us to acknowledge Him and to ask of Him, ‘fatherly assistance’ for whatever we were currently experiencing, what then?

Just what if God reminded us to maintain the fragile balance of prayer for ourselves and prayers for others. God wants us praying more for others in need than for ourselves? Why? Because He already knows what we need and has already promised to provide for us. However, this doesn’t mean that we should not pray for ourselves, simply pray more for others. If we did, what then?

Just what if it became known to us, that by doubting the meanings and promises of God, it was considered as affront to calling our parents liars, to their face, what then?

Just what if in the blink of an eye, it became common knowledge that the reason some people disbelieve God and His rules is because their doubt becomes a pass or an excuse to do as they wish. What then?

Just what if we discovered that our disbelief, skepticism and irreverent thoughts on prayer, as well as our doubting of God, was found to actually block the flow of essential miracles and ‘Godly intervention’ for us and the entire world, what then?

Just what if we spent a whole lifetime wanting more and more to ad nauseam, as well as ‘needing’ things to be, just a certain way before we could begin doing what God wanted us to do, what then?

Just what if there was an abundance of gratuitous pain and suffering, all around us? What if we didn’t stop to pray about it or even take a moment to console another? What if we didn’t because we were more focused on convincing God that we needed a ‘second home’ at the lake for weekends or for some other ‘more’, what then?

Just what if we all were too busy counting the things we didn’t have in relation to others rather than thanking God for all the blessings He has already granted unto us, what then?

Just what if all that happens to us and to the world around us, is nothing more than a big game of Divine hide and go seek with sets of tests and trials to mold and prepare us for what is to comes next? What then?

Just what if we were to completely apperceive that God has a calculated process to bring all things around to the way He wants and we needn’t worry about the process because that just isn’t our job, then what?

Just what if we were to understand that our God is the kind of God that gave us all the rules and when we didn’t follow the rules He sent His Son to pay the penalty for our rule breaking, what then?

Just what if we conscientiously made the decision to stop listening to the philosophy and ‘modern science’ of this world and focused more on God’s words, meanings and promises, what then?

Just what if one day we found it easy to all say, ‘not my will, but your will be done Lord,’ and truly meant it, what then?

Just what if all at once mankind would come to remember that it is how we forgive another as to how God is to forgive us, what then?

Just what if I was so emboldened as to purposely catechize life from diametrical and diverging ‘what ifs’? No need to ever be offended by the results or by ‘it’; for ‘it’ is the subjunctive mood I am sporting that leads to such revealing, what then’s?

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