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The Power of Oneness

The Power of Oneness
By Expert Author: Colin Tipping

Since I often refer in conversation about how Radical Forgiveness has the power to create change in people, it seems appropriate for me to say something about the nature of that power and the source from which it emanates. You would probably expect me to say that God is the source, but I am not so certain that I would.

I have always maintained that for Radical Forgiveness to work, it is not necessary to believe in God or to be religious in any way. I believe we have a faculty of mind which I refer to as our Spiritual Intelligence that operates independent of any belief system we might have about God or anything else for that matter. The pious and the atheistic both have Spiritual Intelligence in equal measure.

Our Spiritual Intelligence is the part of us that is connected, not to our mortal Ego through which both our mental intelligence and emotional intelligence operate, but directly to our immortal I AM Self. That being so, the belief systems which exist in our ego mind are irrelevant. Because we have Spiritual Intelligence, we are already connected to Universal Intelligence, therefore we are powerful spiritual beings no matter what we believe.

Note: This is how I tend to explain how Radical Forgiveness works, but even this type of mental construct is not necessary. I am human so I have fun creating 'stories' to try to explain the unexplainable. However, all we really need to know is that it works. Our experience is enough.

The source of the power then, comes not from ‘out there’ or from a Deity or Divine being, but from within you. Your power lies in your own innate Spiritual Intelligence that knows the truth of who you are, understands how the Universe really works at the quantum level and is able to shape reality through moving energy. YOU are the source of your own power — you just don’t know it. That's because Spiritual Intelligence is operating mostly below the level of awareness.

However, as we become more spiritually aware, we can begin to use our Spiritual Intelligence with conscious intent. It is here that the tools of Radical Forgiveness provide some necessary assistance. They help us to communicate with our Spiritual Intelligence. When we use the tools, I think we are engaging in what I call 'secular prayer.' They help us bridge the gap between our old ego-driven ways of thinking, to a consciousness based in trust, love and surrender. We need the kind of help that the Radical Forgiveness technology provides because, quite honestly, we are not adequate to that shift yet.

So I don’t argue with the idea that God is the source of one’s power to forgive, or to manifest for that matter. I would simply qualify it by asserting that YOU are God and therefore the source of your power. Or as the Unity Minister, Jack Boland, once expressed it, "You are a little bit of God Stuff."

But there is another dimension to this yet. I believe that Spiritual Intelligence is a shared intelligence. It is the intelligence of Oneness. We are all part of it which means that when we use the tools of Radical Forgiveness, we are working with the collective. The power that I am alluding to then is the power of Oneness. We're all in this together. When I forgive you, I forgive everybody, including myself. Now that's power!

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