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Dream Interpretation - Dream Scenes

Dream Interpretation - Dream Scenes
By Expert Author: Naomi Cramer

At night time when you are asleep have you ever had a dream that you are walking along the beach, then suddenly you find yourself in the middle of the city centre, next minute you are riding a horse.

In order to more fully understand the meaning of your dreams, it is necessary to examine not only the setting of your dreams, but also, your feelings in relation to that particular scene.
Of equal importance when analyzing your dreams is to consider what actions are occurring during each particular dream setting.

This article explores the meaning of the settings and scenery of your dreams. The landscape of your dreams can show you what you should be paying attention to in your normal waking world, and can unveil promising possibilities or signal warnings.

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Rapidly changing dream scenery unrelated to one another can indicate that you need to be more flexible and aware of various aspects of your life.

Dreaming of mountains usually signifies that you will face obstacles, to surmount. If in your dream you find yourself struggling to walk up a mountain against a strong wind, you may be on the wrong path, what you are doing is not part of your plan and it would be better to abandon it.

If however, the climb is pleasant and easy, then that indicates that although you may be faced with challenges they are not insurmountable and you possess the inner strength to see it through with great rewards for you at the end.

Beach Settings
Beach settings can mean different things depending upon what you are doing in that dream, and what other people are doing (if there are other people in that dream).

If you dream you are sunbathing on a beach, it could be an indication to enjoy the spare time and peace that you currently have as your life is about to become hectically busy.

Dreaming that you are walking along a rough coastline by yourself, indicate a frustrating period and difficulties with personal relationships with your partner, where you will feel alone, and misunderstood.

Conversely, new romance and romantic proposals, and better financial circumstances are indicated if you find yourself surrounded by many people at the beach.

To dream you are in a busy city indicates that you are searching for means of advancing yourself in the real world. If the city is one you have never been to before, it could be that you are going to travel there at a future date, or you could simply be astral travelling and actually be there, although your physical body is not there (it's sleeping in your bed).

Alternatively dreaming that you are in the middle of a big strange city you have never seen before, neither in real life nor on television, could suggest a change of scenery, i.e. you may be locating to live in a new area.

To dream of being naked in a city or other public place and you feel uncomfortable about it, denotes that you are concerned that someone will find something out about you, that you would prefer remain hidden, this dream suggests the skeletons in your closet are about to be exposed.

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